Jackson and his obsession with a Mary Poppins phrase…


Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*

Rap Monster: To Armys, please be strong.
Rap Monster: *attach greasy lip-biting selca*
Me: ...
Me: You said "be strong" but your face makes me weak

le hip thrust


Excuse me BTS but I’m tryna look at the girls get out the way


okay so i think snapchatting with bangtan would be really fun???? like seokjin would send pics of kittens and his cooking n hoseok would make weird faces n jimin would accidently send pictures of his dick itd be great


honestly it breaks my heart when i think about iris stevenson teaching jungkook, taehyung, and yoongi. she was so gentle with them, really loving and open and warm, constantly giving them praise and hugs like an affectionate grandma and it makes me wonder how long its been since any of the boys have been treated like that, with an all encompassing, genuine love by an adult figure in their lives and how they must have felt when receiving that treatment. 





people who complain about “getting too many asks”


people who get straight A’s and every test they say “im so gonna fail”image

People who say their art sucks when its clearly amazing


Having a student who just can’t pass his fucking driver’s test


when you try to hi5 your friend

when kookie has to shoot a scene with a girl. trans

[MBN Star] BTS Members' Charms Written by the Members Themselves : SUGA


Hidden charms of this member that other people don’t know

Rapmon: Normally, he seems uninterested, but sometimes he is so detail-oriented, it’s surprising.
J-Hope: Sometimes, when we are all over the place, he brings the focus back together like a big brother. His lethargic side disappears..When…